Thomas F. Cruz, P.E.
Chief Engineer

Engineering – Engineers who manage CIP projects, provide technical support to operations and review plans for significant projects. GIS Department provides GIS services and support.

– Issue permits for water and sewer line tie-in and new line construction, provide inspections to ensure construction meets GWA standards.

Planning – Land use coordination, operational field support (e.g. flow monitoring, ground penetrating radar operation, site condition review), data validation, grant support.

Over all Engineering serves to provide engineering, GIS services, planning, permits and inspection services for the agency. Ensures water and sewer systems meet GWA and industry standards.


GWA 2010-2014 CIP System Development Charge


GWA 2011-2015 CIP

System Development Charge Handout
GWA 2012-2016 CIP approved by CCU 06-5-12 Potable Water Production Enhancement Plan
GWA 2013 - 2018 CIP Approved by CCU 2-26-2013  
  Navy Water Purchases