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MARTIN ROUSH - General Manager 


In June 2011, Martin Roush was appointed to position of General Manager (GM) by the CCU. Roush has been at GWA since June 2009 where he served as Chief Engineer providing leadership to the agency. He has served as GWA's Lead Reviewer on the Environmental Impact Statement for the military build up, authored both the 2010-2014 Capital Improvement Plan(CIP), and authored the Production Enhancement Plan. As GM, Roush has focused on improving the fiscal strength of the utility and building management capacity in the organization. His early accomplishments included meeting the first 6 months of deadlines in the court order, authoring the GWA Water Audit Program and Water Loss Control Plan, and authoring a Comprehensive Management Plan for the Authority.

Roush possesses experience in leadership positions in the public sector in the areas of public works, water utilities, and wastewater utilities. Roush is a dynamic manager with over 25 years of diverse public service experience and a proven track record of creative leadership in local government. He has been consistently successful at building relationships with elected officials, citizens, customers, community stakeholders, and regional officials. As a public servant, he served as a community facilitator with a focus on effective and respectful communication to all involved.

Roush holds a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) and a Master's of Science (Civil Engineering) from the University of Arizona. He also holds both civil and electrical professional engineering licenses. Prior to coming to GWA, Roush was in the Tucson, Arizona region, where he served as City Manager of the City of Benson, served as the Public Works / Utility Director for the Town of Sahuarita, and worked for Tucson Water. Roush is experienced in strategic planning, infrastructure planning, engineering, operations, financing, work force development, project management, construction management, and development review.


Comprehensive Management Plan - 09/2013
Potable Water Production Plan
Water Audit Program & Water Loss Control Plan


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