Maintenance and Operations

Water Leak Map (pdf)

DISPATCH Receive customer complaints, generate work orders, provide control numbers to customers, provide communication support to field crews and supervisors.

PRESSURE LINE UNIT – Perform repairs on water line leaks, replacement and maintenance of main lines and control valves, pressure regulating valves and fire hydrants.

GRAVITY LINE UNIT – Perform repairs/replacement on sewer line breaks, manhole installation and restoration, preventive maintenance in sewer lines such as camera inspections and flushing, inspections and testing of new sewer line installations.

PUMPING STATION WATER Operate, monitor and maintain 100% redundancy at all water booster stations and reservoirs. Verify customer complaints, secure sectional valves for crews to perform repairs, monitor and maintain system pressures. WASTEWATER Operate, monitor and maintain 100% redundancy of all wastewater pumping facilities. Respond and investigate root causes of sewer overflows. .

TECHNICAL SUPPORTELECTRICAL – Provide trouble shooting, repair and installation of pumps, motors and controls at water and wastewater pump stations. HEAVY EQUIPMENT – Provide heavy equipment services to field crews such as backhoes, dumptrucks, trenchers and water tankers.

AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR – Repair and maintain G.W.A. vehicle fleet.

Deep Well Operation and Chlorination Section
Responsible for:
  • The disinfection and chlorine residual monitoring of the GWA public drinking water sources to include wells, springs and surface water supplies.
  • The maintenance, repair and operation of all GWA chlorine equipment.
  • The operation of GWA’s 120 drinking water wells.
  • The well electrical controls and motor protection systems repair and replacement.
  • The Ugum WTP electrical controls and associated electrical equipment repair and replacement.
  • Daily inspection of well status and operation.
  • Island wide Emergency Chlorine Leak Response Team

Deep Well Maintenance Section
Responsible for:

  • The maintenance and replacement of well civil, mechanical and hydraulic systems components.
  • The well vulnerability assessment and action program
  • The well head protection program.
  • The grounds maintenance and security at all wells, operating or not.

Surface Water Treatment Section
Responsible for:

  • Surface water treatment at the Ugum Water Treatment Plant, Asan and Santa Rita springs.
  • Maintenance, repair and operation of plant equipment and their processes.
  • The grounds maintenance and security of these facilities.

Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Section
Responsible for:

  • Raw sewage treatment at all seven (7) wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).
  • Maintenance, repair and operation of plant equipment and their processes.
  • The grounds maintenance and security of all WWTP facilities.

Technical Support Section
Responsible for:

  • Heavy equipment operation, repair and maintenance
  • Emergency generator maintenance and repair at all GWA Production & Treatment facilities.
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) required corrective and maintenance actions.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system development.
  • Compiling and analyzing the various types of data, i.e., GPA power bills, Navy water bills, well operational and maintenance data, etc, and providing efficiency recommendations thereafter.

Administration Support Section
Responsible for:

  • Tracking divisional budget balances and expenses
  • Process and post JDE Work Orders and daily well status reports
  • Employee time keeping, payroll and performance evaluations
  • Inter-office communication and coordination with Private Management Contractor on wastewater personnel related issues.
  • Create , route and maintain records of memos and correspondences
  • Advise assigned employees of HR policies and procedures