Understand your bill

GWA announces a new billing format. This new bill has the following features: its confidential because its in its own envelope and it depicts a bar graph for the last three months of water usage which will help make it easier toWater Bill understand.

The New Water and Sewer Bill

1. This section of the bill consists of your name and address.

2. Graphical depiction of your water consumption for the last three months.

3. This identifies the customer by the account number, service location and meter number. You will be notified as to how many gallons of water you consumed for the previous month as well as the average number of gallons you used each day. The usage is determined by subtracting the previous reading from the current reading and the daily average is determined by dividing the usage by the number of days between readings.

4. This section of the bill identifies the amount that you owe. It will first identify the amount that was due before the current billing period. Then the amount that was paid toward the previous balance will be identified. Next any adjustments that apply to your account will be shown. Adjustments are used to credit the customer.

5. This section of the bill explains the separate charges that are added together in order to come up with the total amount owed.

6.This section of the bill is returned along with your payment. It identifies the customer by the account and invoice numbers and lets GWA know how much is owed.This portion of your bill consists of your address and the date that the payment is due. The section stating the amount due is returned to GWA with the payment .