Customer service Division


The customer service division is responsible for all premises-related interactions and the maintenance of customer accounts. The maintenance includes records of all customers in our Customer Information System, read all meters, account for all usage, bill all customers and collect all receivables. Customer Care is compose of customer service section, revenue protection and meter services Unit to address these requirements.

Customer Service Department is comprised of the three units:

"know your bill"

Collections Unit
Mission: To collect water and sewer revenue

Collecting GWA’s water and sewer revenue is our primary duty in GWA’s Collection’s Unit.  Our collection agents work to aggressively collect delinquent account revenue, address illegal connections, and recover aged delinquencies in compliance with GWA established rules, regulations and policies

Customer Service Unit
Mission: To courteously assist our ratepayers with their water and sewer account needs.  We take pride in performing our duties with the utmost respect and fairness in compliance with GWA established rules, regulations, and policies.
Our service representatives are dedicated to service excellence and committed to the health and welfare of our island. We are also committed to treating all our customers with dignity and respect and we challenge ourselves to provide quality customer service that exceeds our ratepayers’ expectations.

Customer's Guide to Water and Wastewater Service

Meter Services Unit

Mission: To have a repetitive program of ensuring that customers are being bill correctly, which will reduce unaccounted for water loss and will  provide GWA its entitled revenue stream to operate and maintain the island wide water system.

Our meter services unit serves the island of Guam with all GWA water meter related activities.  Service New Installations, Reconnections, Name Changes,  Disconnections, and Customer Inquires are just some of the meter services unit duties.  With more than 38,000 meters island wide, GWA’s meter services successfully manages and maintains the island’s water meters.  We take pride in our workmanship and challenge ourselves to constantly improve our services for our ratepayers